“The Sparkle” is about that inner light that is in all of us and the people and situations that threaten to extinguish it. Every one of us is facing our own challenges when it comes to what is keeping us from achieving our goals and realizing our dreams. For Sophia, in “The Sparkle,” it’s a narcissistic husband whose need for control is suffocating her and her artistic desires.

There is one thing money can’t buy and that’s creativity. When one has a need to create, it is only a matter of time before you will bow down to it or it will destroy you. That need to create can only be suppressed for so long, be it by another, a set of circumstances, drugs, and drink or the devil himself. Living a lifestyle of luxury and excess is another way of drowning out that creative urge, but for how long, and at what price?

Sometimes we have to risk our lives in order to save them. That is what “The Sparkle” and my own life have been about and this is a small peek into that story.