A Day At The Library of Alexandria.

– Fiddling while Pharos burns. –

A historically based comedy inspired by real events set at The Great Library of Alexandria.

In 47 BC Caesar travels to Alexandria to settle Egypt’s debt to Rome – his main purpose is to establish his legacy while erasing that of Alexander The Great.

Seen through the eyes of an ambitious young woman, a would be warrior, an affable library official and his jovial man servant Demetrius, as they come together to take part in a significant event that will forever alter the course of history.

Theokleta Theokleta – The daughter of nobility and the first women in her family to work outside the home, she is also the first woman to work in the library.

She is highly educated yet naive. Extremely ambitious she seeks to make a good match in order to please her family and elevate her standing in society. She wants to be a great lady and sees herself as the sophisticated, charitable wife of a powerful man – one who is not in active duty.

Good natured and reluctantly materialistic she enjoys spending time at the market place with her best friend Calliope.

Calliope and Theokleta

Aristoklis Aristoklis – The fourth son of a military family whose aspirations of being a warrior are sidetracked by his family’s desire for him to make a career for himself at the library.

Unhappy with his menial tasks he feels he is perishing spending his time putting away scrolls and dreams of the day he will be brave enough to stand up to his family and follow his brothers into battle.

His sustenance comes from working closely with the beautiful Theokleta, who he one-day hopes to make his wife.

Eisixosh Eisixosh – This high-spirited library official is more interested in having a good time than anything else. He is a charismatic character who owes his position to his wife’s money and lofty connections.

Although he takes himself seriously and feels like he commands everyone’s respect, he is always up for a good laugh and entertainment.

He thinks a good deal of the “work” he is doing but his greatest pleasure comes from amassing his vast wine collection and enjoying the high antics of his attendant Demetrius, who is more sidekick than servant.

The first man to introduce a “quiet” policy at the library, his desire for everyone to speak in hush tones is due to him usually nursing a hangover more than anything else.

Demerius Demerius – Born Halfgrin in a Nordic land, he was sold as a slave to a Roman family before being presented to Eisixosh as a gift by his wife on his birthday.

Viewed as a prized member of the family he has become invaluable to Eisixosh who changed his name to Demetrius and treats him more like his playful confidant than lackey.

He is childlike, freakishly strong, stupidly brave, a sort of lovable caveman.

He is obedient and loyal to a fault. A simple man of raw emotions and crude talents he enjoys wrestling animals, but he doesn’t eat them – unbeknownst to him he is the worlds first vegetarian.

He has no aspirations and no life goals and he is just fine with that.

Julious Caesar Caesar – The great Julius Caesar is at the apex of his career, well aware of his greatness and superiority.

Officially, he has come to Alexandria to settle Egypt’s debts to Rome, unofficially he is using this as an excuse to establish his presence and destroy the legacy of Alexander the Great, who in his opinion was not really all that great.

He is a superbly smart, powerful man who is always on a mission and calculates every situation to establish his supremacy.

Written by award-winning screenwriter, Lana Lekarinou of LVP Films, lvpfilms.com in association with Antonia Roman of TSFE LLC. Antoniaroman2@gmail.com
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